Almost a year and half, I’ve subscribed to National Geographic magazine. It is the digital-based subscription. But today, I decided to end it and move on to another magazine, Time.

I do love National Geographic but recently I am more interested on Time. In Indonesia, Time can be found in the book store yet the price is quite expensive. A printed magazine will cost me around IDR 42,000 or USD 4. As it is weekly issued, in a month I need to pay IDR 168,000 or USD 16.

Just like the National Geographic, I subscribe to digital-based issue. The quarterly subscription costs me around IDR 220,000 or USD 22 (12 issues) or USD 1.8 per issue. Actually you can subscribe to printed edition as well and get not only the hardcopy magazine but also the digital access. Your copy will be sent directly to your address. But I don’t choose it as it will cost me more and I don’t know what to do with all the printed magazines once I have read them. They will end up in the garbage I suppose. And last but not least, I can contribute to save the world by saving the tree needed to make paper.

Happy read!