Hi reader, in this writing I am going to tell you my morning routine. It is a certain activities that I usually do in the morning right after I wake up, even though sometimes I miss one or two activities.

My day starts off around 05:30 in the morning and sometimes I do the morning stretching for 30 minutes in my room. If it is a bright day, I will go to a nearby sport complex for running. I usually run for 5 Km in weekdays and 10 Km in weekend mostly in Sunday.

648Muesli is what I have for breakfast. I prefer Lowan product as one of its product, Lowan Original Harvest, has very little sugar added to it. I don’t like sweet food or libation so much. For the drink, I will have coffee or tea in the morning. Toraja coffee and Mocca Arabica coffee from Koffie Aroma Bandung are my favourite. While for the tea, I prefer black tea: Darjaeling or Earl Grey Tea. I prepare the drink myself and I never add sugar as I like it in its original taste.

While having breakfast, I either watch CNN for morning news or read some online news on my laptop. I think it is better to get you informed in the morning about what happen around you.

After refreshing myself, I will hit shower and ready for working.  I usually arrive at 09:00 AM in my workplace. Not like most company in Indonesia where you have to come in at 07:00 or 08:00, I do not bound to the start time. As long as I work for minimum 8 hours a day then it is fine. I think this is one of the advantage working as consultant and this is what I like about this work.

That is my morning routine and I hope you could share your own as well.