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This is the english version of my previous post.

Every March Indonesian and foreigner who are obligated to pay tax must submit a tax report called SPT (Surat Pemberitahuan Tahunan). I used to submit the paper-based report by filled in form 1770 S and then submitted it manually to tax officer in a tax office or in a drop box site. This year I will try to submit it using a so-called service e-Filing (electronic filing).

In order to use this service every taxpayer must have an electronic identification (e-fin). To obtain it, taxpayer must fill in an application form available in any local tax office and supplement documents: copy of your national id (KTP) or passport and NPWP card must be attached. In the new tax regulation issued by government in January 2014, every taxpayer can obtain e-fin maximum 1 day either via email or via text message.

I obtained my e-Fin in the main tax office (KPP Pratama) Jakarta Cilandak. It is close to my client’s office in TB Simatupang. When I went there the office was quiet. Probably my visiting time coincided with the Friday Prayer. I filled in the application form and appended supplement documents. Actually I did not bring copy of my ID and of my NPWP, however the tax officer voluntarily made the copy for me and it was free. The tax officer checked my application and said that e-Fin can be issued today and asked me to wait for it. Several minutes later, the officer called my name and handed me a paper with e-Fin written on it. The process was quite simple and it was free.

e-filing regOnce I arrived at the office (it’s my client’s office actually), I tried to activate my e-Fin. I opened a website https://efiling.pajak.go.id/index. I entered required data such as NPWP, email address, telephone number, password, and e-Fin. An email was sent to my address once the registration process success. To activate my account, I clicked a link provided in the email.

The next step is to fill in the form 1770 S. I logged in to system using my NPWP and registered password. Link of form 1770 S is on the left side of the dashboard. I clicked it and then entered all required data. Once the form filled in, I clicked save button to ensure that all data was stored in the database.

Bukti PenerimaanBefore I sent e-File form electronically, I requested a verification code. The code is an electronic signature used in your e-filing. In the dashboard, I selected the filled form, and clicked button “send verification code” (kirim kode verifikasi).  Once I got the code in my email, I went to dashboard again to send my e-File SPT. I hit the send button and a window popped up to enter my verification code. Once the process completed and form successfully sent, I received an e-receipt in my email.

In the paper-based reporting, copy of form 1721 A1 which a proof of tax payment from employer must be also attached, but in e-Filing it is not necessary. It is advised, however, to keep the form in case it is needed.

Tax reporting using e-filing is very practical and fast. I spent around 10 minutes to complete the process (internet in my client is slow). I need not to go to the drop box site and it can be accessed anywhere and anytime as it is available 24/7. And the most important thing is at least we contribute to save the planet by reduce the paper needed to print form 1770 S.

One important thing to add, e-Fin is valid for life and in the next year you don’t have to register it again. Should you need to report your tax in the years ahead, you just need to login to the system again.