Today marks my first anniversary working for the current employer. Yeah, exactly 1 year ago, I walked in the aisle of the floor 17th of the Plaza Office Tower and welcomed by the lead of ERP Team.

Working in the consulting company is not a something new for me as I had been working for another consultancy company for more than 5 years. But different fields, different grasshoppers; different sea, different fishes. There are so many things that I still have to cope with in this company and I hope it will not take long time for me.

I now befriend with most of my colleagues in the office especially the SAP consultant and my relationship with them is at satisfying level, at this moment. My before-and-after-working-hour life is better compare to my previous one. I can run or exercise in the morning and still have time to do something I love in the night.

As we never know what the future holds for us , I just wish I can stay a bit longer here and give the significant contribution to my company.

Happy Anniversary!